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Celebrating black business month 2023

Celebrating black business month 2023

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Celebrating black business month 2023

At Target, we’re proud to invest in Black businesses and entrepreneurs year-round, building on our commitment to spend more than $2 billion with Black-owned businesses by 2025. In celebration of Black Business Month, we’d like to introduce you to our dynamic and energized founders and Black-owned businesses we’re proud to call Target Accelerators alumni (over 100 brands and counting!)

Meet our Black-Owned Alumni Brands

  • 4MAS is an online retail store that sells branded beauty and barber supplies, tools, and equipment. They’re known for their patented product named CutBrush, a motorized clipper and brush combined all into one. Target Takeoff Beauty 2022
  • A Little More Zest is an “all food everything” brand that encourages foodies to craft vibrant meals by offering an indulgent suite of culinary items that amplify the flavors of food with every bite. Target Forward Founders Cohort 3
  • Adwoa is a modern, non-toxic, gender-neutral beauty brand catering to multi-cultural hair textures. Target Takeoff Beauty 2018
  • Agua Bonita produces slightly sweet aguas frescas made with real fruit, in bold and fun flavors. All flavor, no fizz. Target Takeoff Food & Beverage 2022
  • Ajoje Snacks specializes in CHIN CHIN, a crunchy west African snack perfect with coffee, tea or wine for culturally adventurous snack lovers.Target Forward Founders Cohort 4
  • AKS is a sustainable brand that provides conscious shoppers with fashionable sneakers that are good for people and the planet. Target Incubator 2020
  • alternativeOATS offers a delicious, all-natural breakfast that is not only convenient, but keeps you full until lunch.Target Forward Founders Cohort 3
  • BabaLid is committed to manufacturing baby products that are simple, practical, and durable. Its premier product is a bottle that support parents and caregivers to confidently feed their babies at home or on-the-go. Target Forward Founders Cohort 3
  • Bailan Spice is a food experience company that helps home chefs create beautiful memories with delicious food by offering very tasty all-natural African seasonings with no salt, no sugar, or additives. Target Forward Founders Cohort 2
  • BATHE Brand creates intentional bathing rituals to ease your mind, heal your body, and nourish your spirit. Target Forward Founders Cohort 1
  • Be Rooted offers inclusively designed stationery and gifts created to uplift and celebrate women of color. Target Forward Founders Cohort 1
  • Better Chew is a Black-owned plant-based meat manufacturing company based in Vallejo, CA that has developed a suite of plant-based proteins sold under the brand name “Better Chew.” Better Chew allows customers to be fearless in replicating dishes that are ethnically relevant to their experience and facilitates the adoption of a plant-based diet. Target Takeoff Food & Beverage 2023
  • Bollygood creates Indian-inspired sparkling beverages that transports your taste buds to India. Target Forward Founders Cohort 2
  • Brooklyn Tea has a mission is to connect people through the art and ritual of tea. They are dedicated to sourcing and curating the highest quality teas from around the globe, while fostering a sense of community and sustainability.  Target Takeoff Food & Beverage 2023
  • CheerNotes is a curated collection of inclusive greeting cards by diverse artists who capture moments from their unique experiences, whether it’s encouraging a friend on their sobriety anniversary or sharing a laugh about a clever South Asian pun. Target Incubator 2020
  • Climax Hair Care creates revolutionary hair care products that are specially formulated to preserve the health and longevity of natural kinky textured hair that is frequently styled with heat. Target Forward Founders Cohort 4
  • CoffeeLlamas is a coffee roasting and distribution company that offers high-quality, organic, and sustainable coffee options, including decaf and half-caff, that caters to caffeine-sensitive individuals and supports coffee-growing communities and the environment. Target Forward Founders Cohort 4
  • Darlyng & Co. helps parents through every step of the journey by offering them peace of mind through a line of safe and stylish baby products , apparel, and everyday essentials for everyday parenting. Target Takeoff Baby 2020
  • Desert Moonlight creates beautiful handmade cement candles unique to the senses and purposefully made with your daily rituals in mind.Target Forward Founders Cohort 2
  • Dog & Whistle crafts dog food from 100% unused natural whole foods. At Dog & Whistle, every ingredient has a purpose. Target Forward Founders Cohort 2
  • Dope Pieces Puzzle Company presents the best in Contemporary, Fine, Urban, and Street Art. Each piece highlights the vibrancy, flavor, and pulse of today’s artists, ranging from the classically trained to the self-taught, to the urban street artist. Target Forward Founders Cohort 3
  • Dr. Brownies is the Original Plant Based Dessert Company that offers the first refrigerated ready-to-bake brownie mix, vegan approved. Target Forward Founders Cohort 4
  • Element Essentials offers effective, safe, and eco-friendly cleaning products for your home that don’t include excess water, air, or plastic that is single-use or non-biodegradable. Target Forward Founders Cohort 4
  • Emmpeccably Seasoned is here to change the cooking game with delicious flavor and attitude. Target Forward Founders Cohort 2
  • ESSIE SPICE is a Vegan small batch cooking sauce and spice company with spices from West Africa with world flavor. Target Takeoff Food & Beverage 2021.
  • Eu’Genia Shea is a family-run social enterprise dedicated to all natural premium shea butter moisturizers. Their high concentration and quality can help you reap all the benefits of nature’s wonder balm. Target Takeoff Beauty 2018
  • EZ Doez IT! offers potty trainers a safer way to train toddlers how to use the potty. Their EZ Trainers (underwear) +EZ Pants (toddler pants) saves money, the environment and your baby’s bottom from harmful chemicals. Target Forward Founders Cohort 3
  • Ezra Coffee Company is a specialty coffee brand that connects coffee, culture and history. Target Forward Founders Cohort 1
  • FLAUNTBODY offers innovative products for humans that want healthy, radiant skin without a time-consuming or complicated body care routine. Target Forward Founders Cohort 1
  • Frederick Benjamin delivers grooming products that puts the confidence back into the hands of today’s men.  Target Takeoff Beauty 2021
  • GameFlo is the community-focused gaming company behind PickUp, offering a  basketball-themed card game that will wow you with its gameplay and 40+ visually-stunning characters. Target Forward Founders Cohort 4
  • Gemini Naturals is a hair care brand that offers a safe temporary hair color solution so that women can avoid the long-lasting, negative effects of traditional hair dye and still feel like their best selves. Target Takeoff Beauty 2022
  • Girl + Hair provides superior natural hair care products with performance based natural ingredients. Target Takeoff Beauty 2018
  • Gloria’s Shito is a gourmet food company known for its premium Ghanaian shito, made with natural ingredients and traditional processes, to add rich umami flavor and spicy kick to a wide range of international cuisines. Target Forward Founders Cohort 4
  • GOLDE is a celebration of superfoods to effortlessly boost your daily routine, from morning smoothies to skincare. Target Takeoff Beauty 2020
  • Gwell is a plant-based wellness brand that incorporates functional foods into everyday snacks for people with special dietary needs and food sensitivities from diverse backgrounds. Target Takeoff Food & Beverage 2022
  • Harlem Chocolate Factory is an artisan chocolate company that conveys the various cultural experiences of Harlem through chocolate products.Target Forward Founders Cohort 1
  • Heritage1933 is a natural beauty company that challenges the narrow perception of beauty. Target Takeoff Beauty 2018
  • Hot N Saucy creates small-batch hot sauce company using unique ingredients to create bold, bright, and intensely flavorful sauces. Target Forward Founders Cohort 1
  • House of Isis delivers beauty naturally through 100% vegan hair and skin care products that heal, not harm. Target Forward Founders Cohort 1
  • HOUSEDOGGE is a sustainability-conscious lifestyle brand creating products that support the modern lifestyle necessities of dogs and their people in the home, outdoors, and travel. Target Forward Founders Cohort 1 & Target Takeoff Pets 2022
  • In Pups We Trust creates pet care products from a pup’s point of view. Target Takeoff Pets 2021
  • ITADI is an Earth informed skincare essentials brand created by ancestral roots and rituals that provides an all-natural, safe and effective daily skin care regime. Target Forward Founders Cohort 3
  • IWI Fresh partners with local farms to handpick fresh veggies to juice and handcraft raw skincare home remedies. Target Forward Founders Cohort 1
  • Iya Foods creates everyday foods with a touch of innovation using African superfoods for nourishment and extra flavor. Target Takeoff 2017
  • Jakera & Co is an artisanal collection of wholesome oat and nut spreads inspired by fresh baked cookies. Target Forward Founders Cohort 2
  • Joe’yis the delicious coffee alternative with a fraction of the caffeine in coffee, a more sustained boost of energy, and a slew of health benefits. Target Forward Founders Cohort 2
  • JPs Que crafts incredible condiments, primarily BBQ sauces and seasonings, that are undeniably bold and delicious that blends the founders diverse Black and Mexican heritage through culinary versatility and combining flavor and heat in new and exciting ways. Target Forward Founders Cohort 2
  • Just Play Entertainment is a full-service game and event production company. Target Forward Founders Cohort 4
  • Kalsoni is a purpose-drive lifestyle brand committed to positively impacting the health and well-being of women and girls by providing activewear that is culturally and faith-based inclusive, embraces their individuality, and truly reflects their values of modesty. Target Incubator 2020
  • KOKADA is the original coconut spread and is similar in texture and uses to your favorite nut butters (but rather than based in nuts is based in coconut)! Target Forward Founders Cohort 1
  • LE MONADE is a Baltimore-based beverage boutique; crafting up ambrosial artisanal drink mixers, the quintessential collection to mix up amazing herbaceous, perfectly blended DIY beverages, cocktails and more. Target Forward Founders Cohort 2
  • LimeLoop combines reusable packaging and smart technology so you can finally say goodbye to single-use packaging and fulfillment headaches. Target Technology Accelerator 2020
  • LISNR enables proximity verification and contactless transactions for merchants, financial service providers and mobility companies.Target Technology Accelerator 2019
  • Look Good, Live Well is a body positive space for individuals to celebrate individuals innate healing capabilities. The result – healthy, happy, skin! Target Forward Founders Cohort 2
  • love+magic mixes is a plant-based baking mix company that makes vegan baking at home quick, delicious, and convenient. Target Forward Founders Cohort 4
  • Lujis Chocolate is deliciously crafted entirely in West Africa, infused with the region’s unique ingredients; with every purchase, the brand delivers a cocoa seedling to local farmers to improve farmer profits. Target Forward Founders Cohort 4
  • LUNA MAGIC is beauty with a vibe whose mission is to provide great quality cosmetics at great prices. Target Takeoff Beauty 2021
  • Luxurious Peace is an inclusively designed eco-friendly wellness brand created to elevate and celebrate people with skin issues and disorders through the use of clean beauty and plant-based products. Target Forward Founders Cohort 2
  • Magenta Roots Scalp Care provides an all natural solution, to scalp care. Target Forward Founders Cohort 1
  • Mela Vitamins is the first wellness company formulating supplements to meet the unique nutritional, wellness and beauty needs of melanated people. Target Forward Founders Cohort 4
  • MELANIN IS is an ethnic-focused skincare brand that addresses common skin concerns present in the community of color. Target Forward Founders Cohort 3
  • Melanin Meanings is a Black-owned stationery accessories and novelty gift brand, intentionally elevating vibrant African-inspired textiles and Black nostalgia, and making cultural heritage and pride easily accessible for all. Target Forward Founders Cohort 4
  • Mented celebrates all hues and to make beauty truly, wonderfully inclusive. Target Takeoff 2017
  • Mesean Spices creates spice blends inspired by flavors of the African Diaspora. Target Forward Founders Cohort 1
  • Mocktail Club  is a line of globally inspired zero-proof cocktails with bold flavors and complexity, elevating the zero-proof experience without sacrificing flavor. Target Takeoff Food & Beverage 2023
  • Moisture Love is a leaping bunny-certified collection of products for women of color that transforms dry brittle hair to healthy and hydrated. Target Forward Founders Cohort 1
  • NAL is an online networking platform offering professional, creative, and mentorship opportunities to underrepresented artists in the media industry and its adjacencies. Target Incubator 2020
  • Navina makes wine out of functional herbs and botanicals to create Herbal Wine, an age old tradition the ancient Egyptians, Greeks, Chinese and Romans practiced. Target Forward Founders Cohort 3
  • New Breed Meats is a company who believes in the power of healthy food and education to change outcomes and opportunities. Target Forward Founders Cohort 2
  • North 24thHome is a safe, non-toxic, cleaning products that capture the nostalgia and joy of Saturday morning cleaning. Target Forward Founders Cohort 2
  • Ohhs Disposable Underwear are individually packaged disposable underwear designed for convenience on the go. Target Forward Founders Cohort 4
  • Party Card Mash Up is your next favorite party card brand! Mash Up takes classic playing card games and “mashes them up” with more card games and new party elements to create a whole new party card game experience. Target Forward Founders Cohort 2
  • PeachFuzz is a Brooklyn based laser hair removal studio providing quality services and products for men and women of color. Target Forward Founders Cohort 1
  • Pescavore creates nutritious, premium, sustainably harvested and resource-smart seafood products. Target Takeoff Food & Beverage 2022
  • PHOLK is soul food for the skin. Blended with heirloom superfoods from across the global Black Diaspora, our vegan line of daily skincare products target the root causes of hyperpigmentation and dark marks for healthy, glowy complexions. Target Takeoff Beauty 2019
  • Phreshly produces better-for-you handcrafted cocktails in a can. Target Forward Founders Cohort 3
  • PillowSheets is a leading manufacturer of the only patented bed sheet in the world that eliminates loose bedding and integrates a pillow system that offers total body support and transforms any mattress into an instant haven. Target Takeoff Baby 2020
  • PiperWai was made for anyone who believes natural is better and is looking to build a more sustainable lifestyle starting with everyday products. Target Takeoff 2017
  • PO’UP! Card Game is the first Black collegiate drinking card game that will give you nostalgia and make you PO’ UP (i.e. drink)! Target Forward Founders Cohort 2
  • POKS Food is the American home cook to the West African holy trinity of spices; chili pepper, ginger and onion, via award-winning West African seasonings. Target Forward Founders Cohort 3
  • Pup Wax is clean skincare for dogs, with a focus on enriching dogs’ lives by improving their health from the outside in. Target Takeoff Pets 2021
  • RANGE creates clean beauty for the forgotten shades, where makeup meets skincare. Target Takeoff Beauty 2020
  • Remane is a haircare and lifestyle brand that aims to make the process of going natural, clearer and fun for people with textured hair while also taking a stab at removing the stigma that surrounds natural and Afro-hair textures.  Target Incubator 2020
  • Rosen creates clean beauty for the forgotten shades, where makeup meets skincare. Target Takeoff Beauty 2018
  • ROVE Biodegradable Paper Soapsheets are papers that disappear into hand soap with water. Rove’s reusable, pocket-sized container of 50 aromatically sudsy sheets are perfect for travel, road-trips, cookouts and when life gets a little messy! Target Forward Founders Cohort 3
  • Sankofa Snacks is a Mission-Driven brand, producing and sharing creative-authentic snacking experiences that celebrate global black food culture, while supporting and building sustainable local food systems. Target Forward Founders Cohort 3
  • Sassy Hair Cap is a beauty brand that offers two-in-one satin hair bonnets that helps hair enthusiast maintain their hairstyle through the day, night, and even while in the shower. Target Takeoff Beauty 2021
  • Scotch Porter is arming men with the tools needed to live their best, most fulfilled lives. Target Takeoff Beauty 2019
  • Sienna Naturals is all about clean care innovation for textured hair. Target Takeoff Beauty 2018
  • SpinJoy! is a plant-based convenience foods with nutritional density. Target Forward Founders Cohort 1
  • SplattMat Just for Kids is an arts & crafts company offering a childhood development resource that just about every parent with a child of almost any age can utilize. Target Forward Founders Cohort 2
  • STINA & MAE is an organic baby essentials and gifting company focusing on capturing the awe moments. Target Forward Founders Cohort 1
  • Striking + Strong is a haircare brand for women with textured (curly, wavy, kinky, and coily) hair who live active lifestyles and no longer wish to compromise their overall health for the health of their hair. Target Forward Founders Cohort 4
  • Sugardoh is a relaxed body hair care company on a mission to make compostable sugaring paste your favorite at-home hair removal method. Target Forward Founders Cohort 1 & Target Takeoff Beauty 2022
  • Sweet N Nice is an all-natural premium ice cream that uses 100% Canadian dairy and real fruit to bring the fun flavors of the Caribbean to life. Target Takeoff Food & Beverage 2022
  • Symba empowers employers to solve their workforce challenges by tapping into early talent in a simpler and smarter way. Target Incubator 2019
  • Terravive’s products are engineered to break down in oceans, rivers, lakes, soil, backyard compost, industrial compost, and even landfills. Target Incubator 2019
  • The Adventurous Bartender is a functional novelty gift created to take the guesswork out of mixing cocktails at home is here! Target Forward Founders Cohort 2
  • The Black Travel Box is a multicultural lifestyle brand that gives travelers the freedom to get the most from their experiences, wherever the journey may take them. Target Forward Founders Cohort 1
  • THE BRAID RELEASER is a tool that acts as an aid to maintain healthy hair. Target Forward Founders Cohort 3
  • The GOT Damn Sauce is a Boutique Sauce company started by Howard University alums who wanted to take the sauce world by storm. Target Forward Founders Cohort 3
  • The Lab Drawer infuses art and creativity into every experiment, allowing students to develop creative problem-solving skills while becoming educated in STEM fields. Target Forward Founders Cohort 2
  • Think.Eat.Live provide foods people love, made with natural superfoods, to make them healthier and happier. Target Takeoff 2017
  • Tiger Life Gourmet features full-flavored seasoning blends that help busy home cooks take the guesswork out of seasoning their favorite Southern-inspired dishes. Target Forward Founders Cohort 4
  • Tre’s Lunchbox is a lifestyle brand offering sustainable and eco-friendly kids tableware. Target Forward Founders Cohort 1
  • Trill Paws creates pet tags and accessories that are inspired by pop-culture icons and sayings – anything from emoji designs, popular sayings, fun memes, and more. Target Takeoff Pets 2021
  • True Scoops makes shelf stable ice cream and topping mixes. The best part is no ice cream maker is required; just add half & half, whisk, churn or blend and freeze! Target Forward Founders Cohort 2
  • Tubby’s Taste offers boldly-flavored Jamaican-inspired cookies that are vegan and free of soy, preservatives, and nuts (excluding coconut). Target Forward Founders Cohort 4
  • Undefined Beauty is clean, conscious, inclusive plant magic whose mission is to democratize wellness, “undefine” what beauty looks like and destigmatize plant-based solutions. Target Takeoff Beauty 2021
  • Young King Hair Care makes royally crafted hair products with natural ingredients fit for a young king. Target Takeoff Beauty 2020
  • Yubi Beauty is simplified beauty tools for busy women. Target Takeoff Beauty 2021
  • Zach and Zoe Sweet Bee Farm is a family-owned apiary in central New Jersey that harvests raw, superfood-infused honey. Target Takeoff Food & Beverage 2021

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