Choosing the Program for You

The Target Accelerators team offers two distinct retail accelerator programs: Target Takeoff and Target Forward Founders, where each program was strategically developed to educate entrepreneurs during the different stages of their company’s journey.

  • The Target Forward Founders program is ideal for early-stage consumer packaged good companies looking to learn and understand the next steps towards retail readiness.‚Äč
  • The Target Takeoff program is key for consumer packaged good companies who believe their next step is to scale their brand for mass retail and want to learn what it takes.

Still wondering which program is best for your business? Use the guide below to help you make the right call.


Want to learn more about the Target Accelerators programs and how it can help you achieve your goals? Tune into our “Apply, Scale, and Succeed” webinar happening on January 26 at 12p CT to learn more and score application tips straight from the Target Accelerators team. Register Here


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