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How does retail work?

How does retail work?

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How does retail work?

Broken down, retail is the destination for consumers to discover and acquire products that also serves as a distribution platform to get your product to a massive consumer base through multiple outlets. 

There are a couple of steps to take when you’ve determined your next business step is to get into retail. 

  1. Apply, apply, apply! If the retailer you envision your product in is accepting new vendors, put in an application to become a vendor. 
  2. Meet with the Buyer The next step is getting an invitation to pitch to the retailer. Show off how your product is the best solution for an everyday problem and woah the buyer and their team. 
  3. Receive a business award Lastly, if the team is interested and excited about your product, they will offer you a business award to be on shelf.  

Steps after the above have many details which gets covered throughout our program curriculum.   

Want more examples of retail channels/platforms? Take a look at the list below for the different types of retailers and examples for each:  

Mass stores: Target, Walmart  

Department stores: JcPenney, Macys, Nordstroms 

Grocery stores: Kroger, Luckys, Albertsons 

Convenience stores: 7-eleven, Circle K, Shell 

Specialty Beauty: Ulta, Sephora 

e-Commerce: Amazon, eBay 

Drug Channel: Walgreens, CVS, RiteAid 

Closeout/ Discount Stores: TJ Maxx, Marshalls, Ross 


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