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Application tips and tricks: why did I get denied?

Application tips and tricks: why did I get denied?

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Application tips and tricks: why did I get denied?

Listen in as Suzanne, Target Takeoff Senior Program Manager explains some of the most common reasons why your application may not have been accepted.

Overall, to be considered for one of our program, you must:

  • have an LLC, C-Corp, B-Corp, S-Corp or other US registered business entity.
    • Please note, sole proprietorships are not allowed. 
  • a founder must be 18 years or older
  • currently have a physical product that is available to sell
  • not be a current or prior vendor with Target

One thing to keep in mind: Meeting all the criteria above doesn’t automatically guarantee acceptance to one of our programs, especially as program eligibility differs across both Target Forward Founders and Target Takeoff. Check out the table below for more details on program eligibility:

Although you may match some of the criteria listed above, there may be other factors in your application that may have contributed to a decline, including but not limited to your company being either too early stage or mature, or falling within a particularly competitive product category. Our team invites to apply to future Target Accelerator programs and to utilize the resources on our site to help accelerate scale your business for success.

For more program criteria and details please visit each program page

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