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Application tips & tricks: telling your story in essay questions

Application tips & tricks: telling your story in essay questions

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Application tips & tricks: telling your story in essay questions

The essay questions on applications can be seen as the  hardest questions on the Accelerators application, however it is the best way for our team to learn more about you, your products, and why you would be great fit four our program. Join Justine Savarin, Director Target Accelerators, as she gives the top tips and tricks when it comes to answering the essay questions on any Target Accelerators application. Learn the importance in strategizing these answers to submit a strong application by using the following 4 tips below:

Tip #1: Write down what you want the review committee to understand about your business.

Have a list of 1-3 things that you want the committee to know about your product, its features and benefits to the consumer.  Also, be sure to note the white space within your category that your product is fulfilling.

Tip #2: Read the whole question before beginning your response.

Read the question twice. And take a moment to think about what the question is asking before you think about what your answer is. Consider how you can incorporate the above themes into your essay questions. Think about how you will leverage each question to highlight a different element of you, your brand, and its potential.

Tip #3: Be concise, but not too short.

For essay questions, ensure that you are completely answering the question that is asked. If you are providing one-word responses, you may want to go back and add more context. On the other hand, your responses are often limited to 200 words or less. Be strategic about sharing the most important and compelling aspects of your brand. Be clear about your company’s purpose, the problem you address, and the solution your products provide. There are no “perfect” answers, but honest answers help us understand your brand.

Tip #4: Proofread your application!

Have a friend, partner, or family member read through your application to see if someone that is not as close to your business understands what you are trying to communicate. Not only can they assist you in correcting any spelling or grammar errors, but they can also assist in making sure your application does your work justice.

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