This is a one-time interview conducted by the Target Accelerators team. Participating companies have been asked to share details about themselves and their brand after completing the Target Forward Founders program. 

An exclusive benefit of being a part of the Target Forward Founders programs is having access to the Retail Action Plan (RAP).  This article will provide a deep dive on how the RAP guides founders towards retail readiness. 

With the help of Target Forward Founders cohort 2 alumnus: Eric Adams, Isa Rosario, Lenora Ebule, and Lizz Rene, learn more about how these founders utilized their Retail Action Plan to help move them and their businesses forward.

Eric Adams, CEO/Founder of Dog & Whistle

Isa Rosario, CEO/Founder of Nurture from Nature

Lenora Ebule, CEO/Founder of Bailan Spice

Lizz Rene, CEO/Founder of PO’UP! Card game


TA: What is the quick description of your company? 

Eric: Dog & Whistle makes quality food accessible to dog lovers in the community by helping food industry businesses redistribute high-quality excess food and covert it into human-grade dog meals and treats. 

Isa: Nurture from Nature is a sugaring and skincare brand offering natural solutions to hair removal and after care. 

Lenora: Bailan is a food experience company helping you explore a new world from your kitchen with delicious grandma-approved African seasonings made the traditional way – no salt, sugar, or additives. We provide the full flavor for a meal, so you save time, eat healthier, and enjoy the flavor journey. 

Lizz: PO’ UP! Card Game is a nostalgic party game for unapologetically Black alumni & friends.  

TA: How has the Retail Action Plan impacted your brand? How would you describe the influence it has made on your business plan? 

Eric: The retail action plan has given me the ability to identify opportunities for the business and create a timeline to execute on actionable items. After the second week, I actually revised the business plan for the company with updated company initiatives, goals and objectives. Brand identification was also a big focus when I recreated this business plan. 

Isa: The Retail Action Plan helped us get clear on actionable steps needed to move the business forward, prioritizing the most important pillars of retail success. The Retail Action Plan influenced our entire brand and business plan, helping us pivot and lean into the whitespace in our category. 

Lenora: The Retail Action Plan (RAP) helped me think critically about my brand, identify our current state of operations and readiness for any retail, then think through what I needed to do next to bridge the gap in getting to my future state. 

Lizz: The retail action plan was one of the primary reasons I applied to the Target Forward Founders program. As a solopreneur of an early-stage business, I knew I needed to map out what it would take to not only make it into a major retailer like Target one day but to 1) stand out on the shelves and 2) have longevity on the shelves. 

 The Target Forward Founders program made space for me to update my retail action plan every week. As a result – I was able to process weekly learnings from the cohort rather than waiting until the very end to review all my notes and make a plan. 

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