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Where Are They Now: Target Accelerators alumni

Where Are They Now: Target Accelerators alumni

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Where Are They Now: Target Accelerators alumni

This is a one-time interview conducted by the Target Accelerators team and produced by Scarlett Creative. Participating companies have been asked to share details about themselves and their brand after completing a Target Accelerators program. 

We’re back outside! Last month, our team had the opportunity to meet with several of our alumni in person to catch up and reflect on what life, in and out of business, has been like since participating in a Target Accelerators program. Tune in for how impactful our programs were for them and what advice they have for you. Some key tips they pointed out while we were with them are: 

“Do it. So get out of your own mind, don’t question whether or not you are ready enough or if you’ve done enough … Show up, ask all the questions, cause that’s what its for.” Jeannell Darden, CEO of Moisture Love. Find their products here.  

“Always remember your mission and your why. There will be a lot of distractions that will come your way but its super critical to understand day in and day out why is it that I started this business and what role will it have for me… Having that focus but being grounded in your why in your gut is what makes you special” Stefan Miller, CMO of Young King Hair Care (Not shown) Find their products here. 

 “Walk in your purpose, understand who you are and what your brand is and be open to feedback. Sometimes people have really good intentions and want to help you bring your vision to life.” Cora Miller, CEO of Young King Hair Care. Find their products here. 

“My biggest piece of advice is to just do it … Put it out to the world, see how they will receive, and then from there refine. Don’t worry about putting out something that’s perfect, just get started and do it.” Alicia Scott, CEO of Range Beauty Find their products here. 

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