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JPs Que: Where Are They Now?

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JPs Que: Where Are They Now?

This is a multiple part interview conducted by the Target Accelerators team. Participating companies have been asked to share details about themselves and their brand after completing a Target Accelerators program. 

Our team is ready to season and spice up September as we catch up with JPs Que, a Target Forward Founder cohort 2 alumnus, and how they’ve applied everything they’ve learned from their cohort.

about the brand

JPs Que is a minority owned condiment business, primarily focusing on BBQ sauces and seasonings, that are undeniably bold and delicious. Blending our diverse Black and Mexican heritage through culinary versatility and combining flavor and heat in new and exciting ways. All products are small-batched and made with natural ingredients.

Target Accelerators: What inspired you to you start your brand?

Laura: My Mexican heritage really revolves around family and food. I realized there was a white space in the market with mixing traditional BBQ flavors with Mexican flavors. Our world today is a melting pot of cultures and traditions, I wanted to mix what we call home and share that with the world. It’s been exciting exploring flavors and thinking through everyday food ideas, I realize the sky is the limit and that excites me.

Target Accelerators: What is something you’ve learned from your program that you still use til this day?

Laura: Your time is valuable. The program provided so much structure and allowed the time to dig into our business and learn. I quickly realized that to continue to grow the brand there has to be structure, I have to continue to stick to a schedule and set goals.

Target Accelerators: What is next for your brand?

Laura: We are excited for what’s next and have plans to secure more inventory to continue growing, evolve our recipe development with food science to continue developing bold, delicious quality products, and most exciting we’re planning to strengthen our content creation to inspire and appeal to our consumer.

Target Accelerators: What is one piece of advice you have for fellow entrepreneurs?

Laura: Own your power. Own what is unique about you as an entrepreneur and what is unique about your brand. There is room for everyone, follow your dreams and take the leap because you never know where it will take you.

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About the founder

Laura Payne is one of the founders of JPs Que. Laura is currently a full time brand manager in CPG (Consumer Products Goods). Laura is the business and marketing manager for the brand. Her passion is understanding the consumer and creating content that relates to them. In her free time she enjoys running, reading, and dabbling in crafts.

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