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Introducing the Inaugural Target Forward Founders 2021 Cohort

Introducing the Inaugural Target Forward Founders 2021 Cohort

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Introducing the Inaugural Target Forward Founders 2021 Cohort

The Target Accelerators team is excited to announce the inaugural Target Forward Founders cohort.  This program is built to equip historically under resourced founders to become the next wave of generational wealth building companies, by utilizing Target’s privilege and scale to democratize access, education and resources.

On July 13, the first program will launch with a cohort of brands representing multiple product categories: personal care & beauty, food & beverage, entertainment, home and baby. The program is 100% virtual and will run for 8 weeks bringing custom curriculum, distinguished Founders in Residence leadership, dynamic speakers and meaningful mentorship to all participants.

The Target Accelerators team is excited to welcome this group of innovative brands. Meet the pioneering pack!

Target Accelerators Forward Founders Introducing the Cohort: Beauty and Personal Care brands

Bathe Brand LLC • Creates intentional bathing rituals to ease your mind, heal your body, and nourish your spirit. Honor yourself. Participant: Tiffany Brown •

The Black Travel Box, LLC • Is a multi-cultural lifestyle brand that gives travelers the freedom to get the most from their experiences, wherever the journey may take them. Participant: Orion Brown •

FLAUNTBODY • Creates innovative products for humans that want healthy, radiant skin without a time-consuming or complicated body care routine. Participant: Cameron Alexis Moore •

House of Isis • Delivering beauty naturally, 100% vegan hair and skin care products that heal, not harm. Participants: Isis Benjamin and Gina Spence • 

huppy •  huppy is a sustainable personal-care brand that makes plastic-free oral-care products such as toothpaste tablets, toothbrushes, and floss, for a more sustainable and healthier smile. Participants: David Phan and Cathy Tran 

iwi Fresh • iwi fresh partners with local farms to handpick fresh veggies and brings them back to our Farm Factory for The Skincare Farm Chef to juice and handcraft raw skincare home remedies and offer veggie spa services. Participants: Yulunda Jackson and Yolanda Owens •

Magenta Roots Scalp Care • Provides an all natural solution, to scalp care. Participants: Monica Evans-White • 

Moisture Love LLC • Moisture Love is a leaping bunny certified collection of products for women of color that transforms dry brittle hair to healthy and hydrated. Participant: Jeannell Darden 

PeachFuzz Skin Studio • PeachFuzz Skin Studio is a Brooklyn based laser hair removal studio providing quality services and products for men and women of color. Participants: Keisha Wagner and Kristin Wagner• 

Sugardoh • Sugardoh is a plant-based, personal care company selling at-home sugaring kits. Participants: Aliyah Marandiz and Shayda Sabat • 

Target Accelerators Forward Founders Introducing the Cohort: Entertainment brands


In KidZ Co • In KidZ Co. is dedicated to creating connections, bringing awareness & educating the next generation about diversity & inclusion while embracing everyone as they are. Participants: Zabina Bhasin and Priya Sodhi • 

Remember Me, Card Game • Remember Me is a card game for people to get to know each other better through genuine conversations. Participants: Benito Salazar & Corina Zarate • 

Target Accelerators Forward Founders Introducing the Cohort: Food and Beverage brands

Awesome Bites Co • Allergy Friendly Awesomeness: the awesome sauce in our treats isn’t what we exclude it’s what we include. Participant: Jennifer Thai • 

Buzz Lite • Makes you stop feeling baked off your beans, speciality coffee with a microdose of caffeine. Participant: founded by Andrew Cooper • 

Ezra Coffee Company • Ezra Coffee is a speciality coffee brand that connects coffee, culture and history. Participant: Jessica Taylor • 

Harlem Chocolate Factory • An artisan chocolate company where we convey the various cultural experiences of Harlem through chocolate. Participants: Asha Dixon and Jessica Spaulding  • 

Hot N Saucy •  Small batch hot sauce company using unique ingredients to create bold, bright, and intensely flavorful sauces. Participant: Sam Allonce 

Kokada • Kokada is the original coconut spread and is similar in texture and uses to your favorite nut butters (but rather than based in nuts is based in coconut)! Participants: Breanna Atkinson and Jared Golestani • 

Mesean Spices • Spice blends inspired by flavors of the African Diaspora. Participant: Dominique Tolbert • 

Mighty Gum • Mighty Gum is a brand of functional chewing gum, based out of Seattle. Participant: Mathew Thalakotur • 

MIZO Hard Seltzer • MIZO Hard Seltzer celebrates Asian-inspired flavors on our everyday shelves within one of the most rapidly growing beverage categories – hard seltzers. Participants: Holly Paul and Chris Tran • 

Nemi • At Nemi, we make crunchy and deliciosos snacks made with cactus and seeds in Mexican-inspired flavors. We use real ingredients, bold flavors, work directly with farmers and promise más sabor y menos junk! Participant: Regina Trillo 

Sahtein by Soph • Elevating the flavors of the Middle East in healthy, modern, on the go bites! Participant: Sophie Sabbagh • 

SpinJoy! • Plant-based convenience foods with nutritional density. Participants: Jocelyn Bryant and Kyle Gabriel • 

SugarRoti • SugarRoti is an eCommerce spice company launched in January 2021 offering 15 unique Indian-inspired pre-measured, single-use spice blends – helping you create the best Indian curries or your favorite modern dish with just a few fresh ingredients in less than an hour. Participants: Dana DuFrane and Bina Motiram • 

Xiao Chi Jie (The XCJ) • The XCJ is a modern chinese food brand bringing authentic chinese street food experiences to consumers homes. Participants: Jennifer Liao and Caleb Wang • 

Target Accelerators Forward Founders Introducing the Cohort: Home and Baby brands

HOUSE DOGGE LLC • Creating a sustainable lifestyle brand for dogs and their people. Participant: Angela Medlin • 

MiliMili • Bold and colorful nursery goods. Participants: Rose Bridges and Kelsey Searles • 

Stina & Mae • STINA & MAE is an organic baby essentials and gifting company focusing on capturing the awe moments. Participants: Mishell Brookins Ekunsirinde • 

Tre’s Lunchbox LLC • Lifestyle brand offering sustainable and eco-friendly kids tableware. Participant: Desiree Mingo 

Target Accelerators Forward Founders Introducing the Cohort: Fellow brands

Be Rooted• Inclusively designed stationery and gifts created to uplift and celebrate women of color. Participant: Jasmin Foster 

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