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Target Accelerators Launches Inaugural Target Takeoff Pets Cohort

Target Accelerators Launches Inaugural Target Takeoff Pets Cohort

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Target Accelerators Launches Inaugural Target Takeoff Pets Cohort

Now in its fifth year, Target Takeoff is a product-focused accelerator program designed to help emerging brands deepen their retail knowledge through Target mentorship and personalized curriculum for consumer-packaged brands.

On May 24, the first Target Takeoff Pets program kicks off with participating brands’ focus ranging from pet nutrition to accessories to personalized pet wellness.  This 100% virtual program will conclude after 5 weeks of mass retail curriculum as well as in-depth mentorship from Target leaders, industry experts and alumni.

The 2021 Target Takeoff Pets cohort

The Target team is excited to welcome these paw-sitively innovative Pets brands into the latest cohort. Meet the ten participating companies and learn more about their products below.

Cuddle Clones – Capturing the emotional connection between people and their pets through our customized products.

dandy – Personalized wellness for pets. 

Fetching Fields – Quality canine products for the mindful pet parent.

Heed Foods – Heed Foods is a premium, gut-health focused pet food company.

In Pups We Trust -Products made from a pup’s point of view.

Jiminy’s – Jiminy’s makes sustainable dog food & treats using a unique superfood – insect protein!

native pet – Native Pet is redefining pet nutrition for a new generation by harnessing the natural power in functional foods.

Pup Wax – Pup Wax® is the first & only 100% clean premium skincare for dogs that improves their health from the outside in with healthy, safe & effective skincare alternatives.

Trill Paws – Trill Paws creates pet tags and accessories that are inspired by pop-culture icons and sayings — anything from emoji designs, popular sayings, fun memes, and more.

Wolf Spring – The first multivitamin drink for dogs.

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