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Sizzling summer recipes from Target Accelerators alumni

Sizzling summer recipes from Target Accelerators alumni

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Sizzling summer recipes from Target Accelerators alumni

Summer is here, making it the perfect time to whip up unforgettable dishes with friends and family. And what better way to add some sizzle to your at-home menu than by trying mouthwatering summer recipes from Target Accelerators Food and Beverage alumni? Get ready to spice up your summer with hot and tingly noodles, tasty chicken wings, ghost honey ginger margaritas, plus a juicy pit beef sandwich. Let’s get cooking!

Meet alumni founders and their brands, with simple, scrumptious recipes.

We tapped four amazing Target Accelerator alumni brands for their favorite stand-out summer recipes that put their products front and center. Discover the stories behind each brand and get ready to impress your guests with these unforgettable flavors and dishes.

Yao Zhao: 50Hertz Tingly Foods

Target Forward Founders 2022

50Hertz Tingly Foods’s all-star lineup features tingly-hot spicy peppercorns from the founder’s hometown in Sichuan, China. The brand’s current products include Tingly Green and Red Sichuan Pepper Oils, Dried Green and Red Sichuan Peppers and Tingly Sichuan Pepper Peanuts. And this is just the beginning: People love this new sensation, so keep an eye out for new products from the brand, including popcorn, potato chips, cocktail mixes, chocolates and more.

Chongqing Hot and Tingly Noodles

Fiercely spicy, tingling and aromatic, Chongqing noodles are one of the most popular street foods in China. Founder Yao Zhao says, “I eat ramen for its rich broth, pho for its refreshing broth and pasta for its texture, but nothing beats the flavor explosion in a bowl of Chongqing noodles for me.”

See the recipe >

Raoul Benavides: Heart Soul Heat

Target Forward Founders 2022

Heart Soul Heat makes small-batch 100% American sweet and spicy condiments inspired by founder Raoul’s Mexican heritage.

Ghost Honey Ginger Margarita

Raoul’s grandfather, Eleno Rodriguez Ochoa, loved what he called miel picoso: a sweet and spicy, versatile honey sauce that he would drizzle on everything. At first taste, you get bold heat, but this is quickly pushed to the background and your mouth is left with the sweetness of the raw honey — a deliciously unique experience. The perfect preparation with the brand’s flagship product? A sweet and spicy ghost honey-ginger margarita, made with warm ghost honey syrup, lime juice and freshly cut ginger.

See the recipe >

Joseph and Laura Payne: JP’s Que

Target Forward Founders 2022

JP’s Que focuses on new and exciting ways to enhance your food with products that reflect the founders’ Black and Hispanic heritage by combining flavor and heat. With a focus on BBQ sauces and seasonings that are bold and delicious, JP’s Que products are proudly made with fresh ingredients.

JP’s Pit Beef Sandwich

JP’s Que Pit Beef sandwich is a tender, smoky, thinly sliced spicy beef sandwich topped with peppery mayonnaise and onions. A classic beef sandwich with a touch of heat!

See the recipe >

Lenora Ebule: Bailan

Target Forward Founders 2022

Bailan is a purpose-driven company that helps people create delicious meals that capture the rich flavors of Africa. They do this today with grandma-approved seasonings that have no salt, sugar or additives, allowing customers to enjoy tasty meals, live healthier and build meaningful connections with good food.

Tasty Chicken Wings

Let your tastebuds travel to Cameroon and enjoy these finger-licking chicken wings made with Grandma’s recipe!

See the recipe >

Make it a delicious summer.

Treat yourself and your loved ones to unforgettable meals with these delightful summer recipes from Target Accelerators Food and Beverage alumni. From tingly noodles to tasty chicken wings, these dishes will make your taste buds happy. Don’t forget to visit the link to get the full recipe for each dish. There’s no summer slump with these dishes — just delicious food and amazing flavors to enjoy all season long.

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