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Meet Zach and Zoë of Target Takeoff Food & Beverage 2021

Meet Zach and Zoë of Target Takeoff Food & Beverage 2021

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Meet Zach and Zoë of Target Takeoff Food & Beverage 2021

This is the last installment of an interview series with the 2021 Target Takeoff Food & Beverage cohort. Participating founders are sharing, in their own words, details about their innovative companies. All interviews have been conducted by the Target Takeoff Program Management Team. 

Meet Zach and Zoë.

TT: How would you describe Zach and Zoë in one sentence? 

Summer & Kam: We are always asked about the name – Zach and Zoe are our actual children and wanted to highlight our distinction as a family-owned brand! ?

TT: What inspired you to start your company? What makes your product unique in the marketplace? 

Summer & Kam: We were inspired to start our company because Zachary struggled with seasonal allergies and so we began to research natural ways to alleviate his allergies and were surprised to learn how effective local raw honey was at mitigating allergic reactions. Our products are unique in that we blend superfoods such as ginger, match, and beetroot directly in our honey.

TT: How did you decide it was the right time to join an Accelerator program? What are you most looking forward to getting out of the Target Takeoff experience? 

Summer & Kam: We have long been customers and fans of the Target brand. Most of our sales came from Direct to Consumer but we wanted to learn more about retail and partner with the best so Target was a natural choice. The Target Takeoff experience has been truly phenomenal – greatly exceeded expectations. The team, the communication, the content, the follow-up, the guests – all of it is world-class!

TT: What is a problem/situation you frequently face as a founder?  

Summer & Kam: Being a founder is lonely and this path is brand new for many of us. Meeting other founders has been one of the highlights!

TT: How do you stay motived through the ups and downs of growing your business? 

Summer & Kam: The business has our children’s names on it so that is motivation enough to keep going and not give up! ?

TT: After this program, how do you see your company growing?

Summer & Kam: Gaining a deeper understanding of retail is critical for us. We can learn how to partner with one of the best retailers on the planet and also use this knowledge for other premium retailers across the US.

TT: What advice would you give someone looking to join an accelerator program?  

Summer & Kam: Absolutely apply! Lots of work and study but the benefits far outweigh any downside.

TT: If you had one piece of advice for someone just starting out, what would it be?   

Summer & Kam: Start and make progress each and every day!

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