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Meet Stina & Mae of the Inaugural Target Forward Founders Cohort

Meet Stina & Mae of the Inaugural Target Forward Founders Cohort

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Meet Stina & Mae of the Inaugural Target Forward Founders Cohort

This is a one off installment in an interview series with the 2021 Target Forward Founders cohort. Participating companies are sharing details about their innovative companies in their own words. All interviews have been conducted by the Target Forward Founders Program Management team.

The headshot of Mishell Ekunsirinde, the founder of Stina & Mae and a Target Accelerators alumni.
Mishell Ekunsirinde, CE & Founder of Stina & Mae


Meet Stina & Mae.

Mishell: I am excited to be a part of the program because I feel like this is an opportunity to learn what I don’t know and to gain insight into retail wholesale. You don’t know what you don’t know and I am ready to learn and grow as a business owner. I am looking to create a circle of people who have been there and done that to share expertise on who to avoid or overcome hiccups. In a world of compliance, EDI, and UPCs things can get complicated quick. I’d love to have a group of trusted people to help navigate the field.

Mishell: I am currently going through on-boarding with a major retailer. The journey has not been smooth. I am looking forward to learning more and having a group of people who are knowledge banks in this area. Also getting into a store is one thing staying in the store is another. I feel like this program will prepare not only to get on shelves but to stay on shelves.

Mishell: Our products are well designed and ethically sources and made. We strive to only work with partners that adhere to our strict standards. Our products are good for baby and the planet.

Mishell: My inspiration for STINA & MAE is two fold. We call my son our co-creative director it was because of him making me a mom that I found what my passion and purpose was. I am able to connect my passion and purpose. I am passionate about creating and motherhood. My purpose is in life is to effect change. Our products are made from 100% organic cotton and made ethically. From our very start we manufactured in the United States with partners who pay fair living wages. It is important to us to support the community around us. Ethically sources, ethically made. The three pillars we built our brand on are Well Designed High Quality Products, Sustainably Made and ethical sourced, Community Impact.

Learn more about Mishell and her brand at

2 Over the Rainbow Organic Cotton Baby Bibs from Stina & Mae.

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