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Introducing the 2022 Target Takeoff Pets Cohort

Introducing the 2022 Target Takeoff Pets Cohort

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Introducing the 2022 Target Takeoff Pets Cohort

In its sixth year, Target Takeoff is a product-focused accelerator program designed to help emerging brands deepen their mass-retail knowledge through Target mentorship and personalized curriculum for consumer-packaged brands.

On May 16th, the Target Takeoff Pets program kicks off for the second year in a row with brands carrying products in different aspects of the pets category from stylish accessories to the best tasting treats that can fit in your pocket.  By the end of the page you’ll have all the tools and tech you need to keep your best fur-end happy and healthy!

The Target Takeoff  program is a 100% virtual program will conclude after 5 weeks of mass retail curriculum as well as in-depth mentorship from Target leaders, industry experts and alumni.

The Target Accelerators team is excited to welcome and introduce the ten participating pet companies and the products they offer!

A variety of products from Awoo Pets against a pink background including their Infinity Leash and AwPoo Bag Holder.Awoo is a female-owned pet accessories brand that is modernizing everyday essentials to better serve pets, their people and the planet. Participants: Mallory MacDonald and Francine Evans, Co-Founders

7 of The Boo Boo Binky Toy in a variety of colors from House Dogge.

House Dogge is a sustainability conscious lifestyle brand creating products that support the modern lifestyle necessities of dogs and their people in the home, outdoors, and travel.​ 

Participant: Angela Medlin, CEO/Founder

A small dog in an open dog crate next to with a filled Portabowls portable dog bowl from Kindtail.

KindTail reinvents pet living one design at a time. KindTail carries that approach into to every aspect of the company, as we continue to create pet products that merge functionality with innovating design, resulting in one-of-a-kind products designed with your pet in mind.

Participant: Amy Kim, CEO/Founder

The Hidey Mouse cat toy from Kitto. Kittio is a cat-first brand that focuses on research and design to create toys that meaningfully reduce the amount of boredom experienced by cats. 

Participant: Blake Burnau, Co-Founder

A bag of South African Ostrich Chips from Savannah Pet Food.

Mosaic is the number one pet industry leading brand for exotic proteins. Mosaic dog treats are hypoallergenic and are free of any common proteins. It’s an exotic brand that focuses on the overall wellness for pets that suffer from food sensitivities. 

Participant: Jared Shlager, CEO 

6 MySimplePetLab take home kits for dogs and cats on a blue backdrop.MySimplePetLab is a tech-enabled pet care company that offers simple, flexible & reliable pet testing.

Participants: Jen Hagness, CEO and Dennis ChmielCo-Founder/Chief Vet Officer.

A number of The Dog Treat Dispenser products, portable dog treat dispensers, by Pawket Treats. PAWKET TREATS is a portable, coin-sized dog treats sold in a roll (think lifesavers, only for dogs). Our form-factor is an industry-first, our Treats are full of functional ingredients to support an active lifestyle, and our innovative Dispenser was the most-funded and most-backed “Dog Treat” project in the history of Kickstarter.

Participant: Mark Shenfield, CEO/Founder

The pitpat dog bowl filled with dog food sitting on a white backdrop with a bag of dog food and the dog bowl packaging placed behind it. PitPat are the experts taking the guesswork out of dog care. Their multidisciplinary team of vets, technologists and dog-lovers are dedicated to improving the lives of all dogs. The activity monitor, weighing bowl and dog food they offer help pet parents balance their dog’s exercise, weight and feeding.

Participants: Andrew Nowell, CEO and Fletch Cooper, Product Manager

A bag of Salmon + Pomegranate & Sweet Potato Mini Jerky Sticks from Treat Collective.At Treat Collective, they are passionate about helping pets live better, longer and happier lives and it all starts with the best ingredients and utilizing Superfoods to power your dog’s health!


Participants: Paul LaRose, CEO/Founder and Jordan Connell, CGO/Founder

A bag of the Farmed Insects Formula Adult Dog Food from Wilder Harrier.Wilder Harrier provides healthy nourishment for pets while aiming to have a positive impact on our planet through the use of novel proteins—such as insects and seaweed—which have the potential to significantly reduce our industry’s carbon footprint and offer a beneficial alternative to traditional ingredients used in pet food.


Participants: Philippe Poirier, CEO and Dwayne Bradley-Tessier, Financial Planning & Analysis Manager

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