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Introducing the 2022 Target Takeoff Beauty Cohort

Introducing the 2022 Target Takeoff Beauty Cohort

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Introducing the 2022 Target Takeoff Beauty Cohort

In its sixth year, Target Takeoff is a product-focused accelerator program designed to help emerging brands deepen their mass-retail knowledge through Target mentorship and personalized curriculum for consumer-packaged brands.

On March 7, the Target Takeoff Beauty program kicks off for the third year in a row with brands carrying products in different aspects of the beauty category from toothpaste tabs to hair care and even hair removal; you’ll end this article with your new beauty besties. 

The Target Takeoff  program is a 100% virtual program will conclude after 5 weeks of mass retail curriculum as well as in-depth mentorship from Target leaders, industry experts and alumni.

The Target Accelerators team is excited to welcome these beauty brands to its first cohort of the year. Meet and learn more about the ten participating companies and the products they offer!

The logo of 4MAS Grooming Inc. - a Target Takeoff Beauty alumni brand.4MAS Grooming Inc. is an online retail store that sells our branded beauty and barber supplies, tools, and equipment. They are well known for their patented product named CutBrush, a motorized clipper and brush combined all into one. 

Participants: Marrico Simpson and Shash Ann Simpson

The logo of Benny Hancock For Men - a Target Takeoff Beauty alumni brand.Benny Hancock For Men is a Premium men’s grooming brand designed and developed by a Pro Makeup artist who has developed a range of multi-purpose, high tech yet lightweight products, with a purpose to take men’s grooming to the next level to give men a choice. 

Participants: Kelly Hunter and Benny Hancock 


The logo of Gemini Naturals - a Target Takeoff Beauty alumni brand.Gemini Naturals is a hair care brand that offers a safe temporary hair color solution so that women can avoid the long- lasting, negative effects of traditional hair dye and still feel like their best selves. 

Participant: Lianne Dobson 

The logo of hüppy - a Target Takeoff Beauty alumni brand.Huppy is on a mission to prove that smiles are better off without plastic and toxic ingredients. It starts with a personal care revolution and it only gets better from there. 

Participant : David Phan 

The logo of jupiter - a Target Takeoff Beauty alumni brand.Jupiter is a full-spectrum of elevated scalp care essentials – with purpose. 

Participants: Alexa Adler and Robert Salter 

The logo of Nopalera - a Target Takeoff Beauty alumni brand.Nopalera are Mexican botanicals for bath & body. They take their inspiration from the Nopal for its versatility, resilience, and cultural symbolism. 

Participants: Sandra Velasquez 


The logo of Sugardoh - a Target Takeoff Beauty alumni brand.Sugardoh is a relaxed body hair care company on a mission to make compostable sugaring paste your favorite at-home hair removal method. 

Participants: Aliyah Steiner 

The logo of Sweat Cosmetics - a Target Takeoff Beauty alumni brand.Founded by four professional female athletes who were sick of compromising, they wanted great cosmetics that were kind to your skin, protected you from the sun, and could last through intense workouts and demanding lifestyles. Sweat Cosmetics is the only athleisure beauty brand creating high performance, foundational products at an accessible price point, keeping beauty routines simple so women can focus on their daily hustle. 

Participants: Courtney Jones and Taryn Hemmings 

The logo of TINGE - a Target Takeoff Beauty alumni TINGE: the body beauty brand reimagining beauty inclusive of the body. 

Participant: Kourtney Brooks 

The logo of Vamigas - a Target Takeoff Beauty alumni brand.Vamigas is an ethically sourced, clean, fragrance-free, and affordable beauty brand, created from Latin American botanicals that have been used for centuries by people from Chile, Mexico, Brazil, Perú, Argentina & more. Their mission is to create a space for Latinas in clean beauty and wellness and educate everyone about the cultural context and power of Latin American botanicals. 

Participants: Ann Dunning and Christina Kelmon 


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