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Introducing Target Forward Founders Cohort 2

Introducing Target Forward Founders Cohort 2

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Introducing Target Forward Founders Cohort 2

The Target Accelerators team is excited to announce the second Target Forward Founders cohort. This program is built to equip historically under resourced founders to become the next wave of generational wealth building companies, by utilizing Target’s privilege and scale to democratize access, education and resources.

On Jan 25, the program will launch for the second with a cohort of brands representing multiple product categories: personal care & beauty, food & beverage, entertainment, home and baby. The Target Accelerators team is excited to welcome this group of unique brands. Meet the pack!

Look Good, Live Well: Look Good Live Well is a body positive space for individuals to celebrate our innate healing capabilities, and yes … the occasional breakout. The result – healthy, happy, skin!

Luxurious Peace: Luxurious Peace is an inclusively designed ecofriendly wellness brand created to elevate and celebrate people with skin issues and disorders through the use of clean beauty and plant based products.

Mirage Waterless: Mirage is a waterless beauty company on a mission to create innovative, water-activated beauty products designed to add a little brightness to your routine while being kind to the planet.

Nurture from Nature: Nurture from Nature is an all natural sugaring, skin + body care brand catering to every part of personal care with gentle and effective ingredients!

People of Substance: We are a clean and tattoo-friendly skincare brand on a mission to highlight people’s unique substance.

Ralphie and Alice: Gender-free, affordable, personal care aimed at re-envisioning consumer consciousness and confidence.


Target Accelerators Forward Founders meet the cohort baby, pets, home and household essentials brands

Brief Transitions: Brief Transitions provides seamless, stretchy, breathable mesh underwear for women after childbirth because every mom deserves to have the products and support they need for postpartum recovery.

Create and Crescent: Creating American traditions for the Muslim household during the holidays.

Desert Moonlight: Beautiful handmade cement candles unique to the senses and purposefully made with your daily rituals in mind.

Dog & Whistle: Dog & Whistle produces upcycled dog treats and meals.

kisskiss goodnight: Kiss Kiss Goodnight is on a mission to help little ones with sensitive skin develop healthy, resilient skin with our microbiome-friendly skincare.

North 24th Home: Safe, non-toxic, cleaning products that capture the nostalgia and joy of Saturday morning cleaning.

Splattmat Just for Kids: We are an Arts & crafts company a Childhood Development resource and honestly a Parent Resource and an additional tool that just about every parent with a child of almost any age can utilize.

Tend: Tend is the world’s first and only prenatal bar, packing every pregnancy-essential nutrient into one convenient, tasty treat made 100% from real foods.


Target Accelerators Forward Founders meet the cohort food and beverage brands

Bailan Spice: Bailan is a food experience company that helps home chefs create beautiful memories with delicious food by offering very tasty all-natural African seasonings with no salt, no sugar, or additives, paired with stories from the African continent.

Bollygood: Bollygood creates Indian-inspiried sparkling beverages that trasnport your tastebuds to India.

Emmpeccably Seasoned: Founded in 2019 Emmpeccably Seasoned is here to change the cooking game with delicious flavor and attitude. I created Emmpeccably Seasoned to empower home cooks to channel their inner Gordon Ramsey, with reliable flavor, quality, and a touch of fun. Which is what cooking should be!

Famous Falafel Dough: Ready to bake or fry falafel that’s vegan, gluten-free and delicious!

Jakera & Co: An artisanal collection of wholesome oat & nut spreads inspired by fresh baked cookies.

Josefa: Josefa is the new dulce de leche! A Mexican goat’s milk caramel commonly known as cajeta that is perfectly balanced and sweet. Josefa is crafted in Mexico with all-natural ingredients and in small batches inspired by our family’s 90-year old recipe. Latina-woman founded, Josefa is a celebration of Mexico’s heritage, sweet flavors, and joy of life.

JPs Que: JPs Que was founded from our passion for food and flavor. We’ve taken our time to create products we would use and we are proud of. Every formula has ingredients that are hand picked and have meaning. Our goal as a brand is to provide consumers with products that have bold and delicious flavors to enhance every cooking occasion.

Le MONADE: Le MONADE, a Baltimore based beverage boutique; crafting up ambrosial artisanal drink mixers, the quintessential collection to mix up amazing herbaceous, perfectly blended DIY beverages, cocktails and more.

Let’s Plate!: Let’s Plate! provides plant-based, ready-to-eat DIY combination lunch meals to young school age children, fulfilling busy millennial parents’ increasing need for healthy, convenient lunch options for their children.

Mahtzee: Mahtzee creates chocolate matzah toffee, a traditional Jewish dessert and snack comprised of layers of matzah, non-sticky toffee, chocolate, and various toppings.

New Breed: We’re a New Breed of company who believe in the power of healthy food and education to change outcomes and opportunities.

True Scoops: True Scoops makes shelf stable ice cream and topping mixes. The best part is no ice cream maker is required. Just add half & half, whisk, churn or blend and freeze. Its that simple!!!


Target Accelerators Forward Founders meet the cohort games and entertainment brands

ELO: Promoting mental well-being for the next generation through providing parents and caregivers the resources to raise resilient and kind minds.

The Lab Drawer: The Lab Drawer™ infuses art and creativity into every experiment, allowing students to develop creative problem solving skills while becoming educated in STEM fields.

Party Card Mash Up: Party Card Mash Up is your next favorite party card brand! Party Card Mash Up takes classic playing card games and “mashes them up” with more card games and new party elements to create a whole new party card game experience.

PO’UP!: PO’ UP! Card Game is the first Black collegiate drinking card game that will give you nostalgia and make you PO’ UP (i.e. drink)!

Want to learn more about the program? Visit the program page for all the Target Forward Founders details or contact us for more information.

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