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Familiar Faces: Checking in with ROSEN Skincare

Familiar Faces: Checking in with ROSEN Skincare

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Familiar Faces: Checking in with ROSEN Skincare

In the Familiar Faces series, our Target Accelerators Program Managers check in with companies who have participated in one of our Target Accelerators programs. This is a chance to dig in and learn more about each company’s growth since completing their Target Accelerators experience and our way of continuing to root them on every step of the entrepreneurial way. Welcome to Familiar Faces.

Checking in with ROSEN Skincare, Target Takeoff Beauty Accelerator alum

Interview by Anne Kitchen, Target Takeoff Program Manager

ROSEN Skincare founder, Jamika Martin, set out to create cleaner, more thoughtful skincare for people with acne-prone skin.

Anne: Jamika, congratulations on being named to Forbes 30 under 30! What does that type of recognition mean to you? Are there other lists or types of recognition you are also interested in achieving?

Jamika: Thank you! I’m so stoked, honestly. I have always wanted to be on the Forbes 30 under 30 list, way before I even considered ROSEN, so seeing it come to life is so exciting. It’s definitely one of my biggest accomplishments and the one I’ve gotten the most congratulatory calls about! It really just confirms all the work I’ve been doing with ROSEN as well as my dedication to growth and accomplishments at my young age which is really cool. Other lists that would be sweet would be those typical beauty awards for the brand like Allure! Inc would be sweet too. Honestly, wrapping my head around continued recognition like that is kind of hard, so I just take it as it comes.

Anne: How has ROSEN grown in the past few years since you participated in the Takeoff Beauty program?

Jamika: Growth has been exciting for us both DTC and in retail. I learned so much about what it took to get into Target while a part of the Takeoff Beauty accelerator, so really diving deep into what that took and how to execute was huge for us. I mean since the accelerator program, our revenue is probably like 10x and we’ve launched in Urban, Nordstrom and recently. Feels pretty wild to say, but at the same time, it was all on the game plan so I’m glad we could make it happen.

Anne: Yes! Another congratulations to you regarding that launch at Target; what have you learned about yourself and your brand since that happening?

Jamika: I’m continuing to learn how much our traditional digital marketing efforts work for us as a brand with other retailers. I spent so much time before each retailer launch trying to understand how people drive to another site or location, but what we’ve done for our own DTC has proven successful so far. I’ve also learned the amount of data we can gain on a performance level from Target which is so exciting to dive into!

Anne: We recently announced the formation of our Target Accelerators Entrepreneurship Advisory Council and are thrilled you are one of the incredible Advisors. What made you interested in joining in on this important initiative?

Jamika: Honestly, I’ve said this to a ton of folks, but I have always admired the behind the scenes work that Target has done for me and founders like me. I’ve seen the ways that Target has highlighted and worked to support Black founders, so when Alana [Alana Hinkston, Target Accelerators Sr. Program Manager] reached out to me with this initiative to dive even deeper, I couldn’t be more excited. I’ve had a ton of companies reach out to me recently where it feels like they’re just looking to fill their new quotas. This was an opportunity to work behind the scenes and say “how can Target better serve Black founders and companies?” and I think that’s the most meaningful interaction I’ve had with a company since the whole BLM movement popped off.

Anne: What’s next for you and for ROSEN?

Jamika: Growing with y’all! Really, our goal for 2021 is to pave our way as a successful brand within the breakout space in Target. I want to continue to grow DTC of course as well. I’m also working on coordinating with some estheticians to dive into our current routines and skin offerings and fill in the gaps from a product and routine development perspective which I’m super excited about!

For more information on ROSEN Skincare check out and

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