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Target Accelerators launches 2020 Takeoff Beauty cohort!

Target Accelerators launches 2020 Takeoff Beauty cohort!

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Target Accelerators launches 2020 Takeoff Beauty cohort!

Now in its fourth year, Target Takeoff is a product-focused accelerator program designed to help emerging brands deepen their retail knowledge through Target mentorship and personalized curriculum for CPG brands. In addition to the current Beauty program, applications are now open for our upcoming Takeoff Household Essentials and Takeoff Baby programs (also running in 2020).

As the first Takeoff program of 2020, we are excited to welcome ten incredible beauty brands into our latest program. Meet these emerging brands and learn more about their products below:

  • Alder New York | Legit, clean, vegan skincare and haircare that is as sleek as it is effective.
  • Amalia | Clean skincare powered by polyphenols.
  • Chemist Confessions | Chemist hacked skincare for the masses.
  • Codex Beauty | Science – Safety – Sustainability.
  • Golde Superfood health and beauty, for every body.
  • Kinfield | Great essentials for the great outdoors.
  • Range Beauty | Clean beauty for the forgotten shades, where makeup meets skincare.
  • Stryke Club | Clearer Skin. For the boys.
  • We are Fluide | A collection of vegan, cruelty-free, highly pigmented beauty products designed for all skin shades and gender expressions.
  • Young King Hair Care | Royally crafted hair products with natural ingredients fit for a young king.

About Target Takeoff

Target Takeoff is one of four programs hosted by Target Accelerators to jumpstart the growth of emerging startups. Focused specifically on brand and product development, Takeoff has assisted dozens of startups in their entrepreneurial journey since its inception in 2017. Learn more about Target Takeoff here.

If you’d like to be considered for Takeoff or another Target Accelerators program, you can find all of our open applications here.

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